Due to the recent Covid-19 cases at RPT Distributing, the following rules and procedures must be followed completely with NO EXCEPTIONS !!

  1. Front office workers including phone room salesmen are not allowed to enter the warehouse for any reason period, unless given permission by Justin or Rick Estel
  2. Warehouse workers including Drivers are not allowed into the front area beyond the double doors for any reason whatsoever, unless given permission by Justin or Rick Estel
  3. When gathered in an office setting and not 6 feet social distancing you “MUST WEAR A MASK”.
  4. You must have your temperature taken before your allowed to clock in.
  5. Warehouse workers are to enter the building on the side by the drivers room…. NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  6. If you feel your sick or becoming sick, please let your supervisor know. Don’t be selfish, contact us and we will work through it.
This is to keep every RPT employee safe, if you fail to follow these rules, I promise you, you will be sent home by me without pay. So please read these and follow them to a T, so we don’t have any issues and can continue to work safely through this rough time.


Justin Estel
RPT Distributing